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PostSubject: Vampires   Sun Jul 18, 2010 7:35 pm

A Vampire is a common creature in folklore and mythology but is most recognized for its Slavic origin. They appear mainly in horror movies and books. They have been said to be able to take the form of bats, though this is not always the case.
Sunlight is often considered dangerous to a vampire. However, this may simply be related Porphyria, a disease that Count Vlad Dracula is believed to have suffered from.

Fangs: All vampires have fangs, elongated teeth used to bite while hunting. Sometimes the fangs are a vampire's canines but they have often been the incisors. Sometimes, they are supposed to inject the vampire's venom, while other time they are used to "suck up" a victim's blood, so a number of facts are debatable.
Anemia: All vampires have needed blood to survive, the reason for the fangs. Most often, vampires must drink human blood but on occasion it has been suggested that they can survive on animal blood as well.
Sun Allergy: Vampires always prefer to remain out of sunlight due to adverse affects of it on their skin. The severity of this is disputed and can range from minor burning to instantaneous combustion.
Cold Skin: As vampires are officially no longer alive, their bodies no longer produce heat. Thus they cover themselves with clothing in the hope of masking this.

They can be killed by exposing them to sunlight or by using a weapon designed to emit UV light.
A wooden stake is often used as a weapon to incapacitate the undead. However, the real affects are disputed, sometimes being able to kill the vampire, other times they are used to cripple a vampire. "Wooden stake" is just a formality as any sufficiently shaped object should suffice.
Vampires and many other types of undead are vulnerable to fire.
Cutting off a vampire's head is often the most reliable means of killing a vampire, but then it is also the primary means of killing any immortal being.
Vampires are vulnerable to garlic as it has been a popular repellent for ages. Garlic is said to have healing properties. Should I add it?-->
Silver is also said to weaken vampires as it is the metal of purity.
Crosses have often been said to be useful against vampires. However, this seems to revolve around the assumption that vampires are a form of hellspawn.
Holy water is said to be useful but only in the same cases as crosses.
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